About JTH
Hi, I’m J.T. Hamman and I’m a graphic designer. I was born in Birmingham, AL and grew up in Jasper, AL. From a very young age, I have always loved to draw and enjoyed art. I’ve had several very influential people throughout my undergraduate years that have helped me pursue my love and talent for art. I am very thankful for them in how they have helped me sharpen my skills and mold my craft. I have lived in Jasper most of my life until moving to Starkville, MS to attend college at Mississippi State University. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from MSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an Emphasis in Graphic Design. This past August I moved out here to Kennesaw, GA and absolutely love it.

Design is my passion. I absolutely love what I do! I bet there's not that many people that can say that they absolutely love their job and look forward to it everyday. It's the awesome feeling you get when you wake up every morning and have complete freedom in your job. There’s no limitations! Design, creativity and imagination are endless! To think that your designs can help change people’s businesses, success and lives is an amazing feeling!

I am a huge fan of the outdoors and the mountains. The cool, crisp mountain air and the tranquility of hiking a long, winding trail provokes a whirl of imagination. Any chance I get to travel, I will jump on that opportunity. One of my most favorite places I've visited was a trip to the Arches National Park in Moab, UT with a few friends. Late in the summer amongst arid, rising temperatures, we hiked a moderately strenuous 1.5mi trail uphill to the Delicate Arch. Aside from the Grand Canyon, the Delicate Arch is probably the most breathtaking, single natural landmark I've ever experienced. The hike, the arch, the view of endless canyons on the horizon was astonishing. The Delicate Arch photograph of me on my homepage was taken by my good friend Tim Phillips while we were on that hike. This single photo I have used over the last few years almost as a symbol representing my dedication to greatness, fascination of nature and design without limitations. Even though now residing in MS, I don’t let living in a small town limit my creativity. It’s things like that that help you strive to dig deeper; I’ll find inspiration in anything. I've always admired Life is Good's motto, “Do what you like, like what you do." Life is good. God is awesome. Thank you.

Best Wishes,

J.T. Hamman